Iphysio® Profile Designer

iphysio® allows healing, impression and temporary prosthesis without disassembly. This Profile Designer anatomically shaped creates a true non-circular emergence profile, promotes the maintenance of taste buds and the preservation of the keratinized gingiva. A major (R) evolution that, in addition to bringing comfort and biological respect, will save you precious time.

iphysio® allows healing, impression and temporary prosthesis without disassembling parts, without destruction of the mucosal attachment.

Unlike traditional healing abutments, the iphysio® Profile Designers can anatomically form soft tissues during the healing phase depending on the shape of the teeth to be replaced.

Whether you have a scanner or not, iphysio® Profile Designers can perform optical or conventional impression taking (with iphysio® transfer) without removing the Profile Designer.

Thanks to a dedicated temporary abutment, you can create a provisional prosthesis in the aesthetic zone directly on the iphysio® Profile Designers.

〉 9 references / 3 shapes – 3 heights
• Allows the sculpting of a true non-circular anatomical profile.
• Best compressions, preparations and gingival papillae guides in the inter-dental spaces.

〉 Continuity of the emergence profile of the implant up to the concave/convex coronal surface
• Gum preservation.
• Better gingival stability.
• Better osseointegration.
• Avoids peri-implantitis.
• Limits peri-implant bone resorption.

〉 Respect for biological factors
• Reduction of number of soft tissue interventions.
• Preservation of the mucosa attachment and the biological width.
• Reduction in peri-implantitis risks
• Papilla guiding
• No risk of contamination of the implant site during removal of the parts for the taking of the impression and the insertion of the temporary prosthesis

〉 Simplification and rationalisation of the protocol
• Only 1 part required to do it all: healing, impression and temporary.
• Homothety of the profiles between the iphysio Profile Designers and the Esthetibase titanium interfaces.

〉 Progress in the dental practice
• Ideal for referrals owing to simplification of the parts management.
• No purchase of impression copings and analogs.
• Less handling.
• A simplified protocol.
• Fewer components to manage (in the case of a digital impression).
• Time saving.

〉 Improvment in the patient experience
• Comfort in taking the impression (no pain owing to the change of component).
• Time saving and reduction in the number of sessions.
• Aesthetic result

Aesthetic prosthetic options on titanium interface

〉 Post + abutment + crown assembly
• Zirconium.
• Lithium disilicate (E.max).

〉 Temporary a prosthesis

〉 Single trans-screwed monolithic assembly
• Lithium disilicate (E.max).
• Nanoceramics (exclusive).
• Feldspathic ceramic.