Our expert centre, based in France, can design and manufacture single prostheses or bridges, supported by natural teeth or implants, as well as customised abutments and bars using CAD and CAM.

〉 100% French centre
• Raw materials of certified European origin.
• Perfect traceability from raw material to dispatched product.

〉 Offer of complete work
• Wide range of materials used: zirconium, IPS e.max®, titanium, chrome-cobalt and PMMA.
• All CAD-CAM work on the leading implant brands and natural teeth.

〉 Fast turnaround
• 24-48 hours for simple work (copings and bridge frameworks).
• 48-96 hours for more complex works (customised posts and abutments, implant bars).

〉 Your local partner
• Phone support by dental technicians.
• Group or individual training to develop your CAD-CAM skills.
• Online ordering available 24/7.

TeknikaLab has equipped itself with the most efficient laser fusion machine on the market, to respond to your needs and the best quality standards. Laser fusion technology enables you to have chrome-cobalt copings, crowns, or bridges with complex forms made quickly and cost-effectively.

〉 Bridges and copings
• High precision.
• High resolution.
• High metallurgical quality.
• Two finishes offered.
• From 1 to 14 components.
Can be produced from STL files.

〉 Inlay cores
• High precision.
• High resolution.
• High metallurgic quality.
• Sanded finish.
Can be produced from STL files.

TeknikaLab has a factory with 5 machines with 5 continuous axes. The performance of these high-precision machines, specialized in the creation of arches and bars, makes it possible to guarantee high precision and quality of the surface finish.

〉 Copings, crowns and cemented bridges
• High precision.
• Quality of finishes.
• Guaranteed passivity.
• From 1 to 14 elements.
Can be produced from STL files or plaster cast models.

〉 Customised posts and abutments
• Implant connections made on 11 axes CNN machines with a precision of 5 microns to guarantee the precision of implant/abutment assembly and sealing.
• Enables perfect definition of the cervical contour.
• Enables treatment of cases that cannot be treated using standard posts.
• Designed to be compatible with the future tooth and coping.
Can be produced from STL files or models.

〉 Trans-screwed bars and bridges
on abutments or direct implants.
• High precision.
• Quality of finishes.
• Complies with the Sheffield test.
Can be produced from STL files or models.

〉 Zirconium
• Tetragonal polycrystalline zirconium dioxide doped with yttria (3Y-TZP-A).
• Biocompatibility.
• Outstanding mechanical characteristics.
• Excellent chemical durability.
• Zirconium qualified by mechanical endurance tests.
• Panel of 16 colors + white.
• 100% quality control.

• High quality certified to make temporary crowns and bridges.
• Biocompatibility.
• Available in 3 different colors: A1, A2 and A3.

• Effective manufacturing of entirely anatomical, highly resistant (360 MPa) and durable restorations.
• Available in 7 shades: A1, A2, A3, A3,5, B2, C1 and D2.
• 2 degrees of translucence: HT and LT depending on the shade.
• Elements delivered on posts.

〉 Cobalt-Chrome
• CoCr dental alloy for fi xed dental prostheses (according to ISO 22674) with no nickel nor beryllium.
• High quality.
• Low thermal conductivity.
• Good adhesion to the ceramic.
• Optimal physical properties.

〉 Titanium
• TiAl6V4 titanium alloy.
• Medical grade 5 (according to 5832-3).
• Good resistance to fatigue, crack propagation, corrosion and creep.
• Material manufactured according to ASTM B 3148 or ASTM 265 standards.

〉 Zirconium Multi-Layer
• Tetragonal zirconium of yttrium oxide (ZrO2, Y2O3).
• Biocompatible.
• Excellent chemical durability.
• 2 UTML versions more translucent for units and STML for the bridges with up to three elements.
• 4 incisal layers up to the dentine.
• Panel of 16 shades.

For more information, please contact us to receive the data sheets for the materials used by TeknikaLab.


Zirconium: 5 years
Cobalt-Chrome / Titanium: 10 years

etk agrees to replace any defective TeknikaLab secondary parts, with the same secondary part.
• The etk guarantee covers TeknikaLab secondary parts: i.e. bars, bridges, copings, crowns, inlay-cores, and personalized posts and abutments manufactured and distributed by TeknikaLab.

For greater precision during the scanning process

〉 Scanbodies are digital impression tranfers used with a scanner to determine the spatial position of the implant connection, in terms of position and rotation, in relation to the rest of the mouth (intra-oral digital scanning) or on a master cast (laboratory scanning system).

〉 Their specific shape makes it possible to guarantee very high precision during the scanning process.
After scanning and recognition of the Scanbody, the design process can start.

〉 etk Scanbodies are sold by the unit or by 6.

〉 They can be sterilized by autoclave for intra-oral use.

〉 They are compatible with the following software:
• Dental Wings®
• Imetric® – Exocad®
• 3Shape®

Abutments with a pre-fabricated connection

〉 Our Pre-milled abutments are industrially manufactured for a highly accurate

〉 Pre-Milled are compatible with major implant brands.

〉 They are delivered individually with an implant fixation screw. The screw head
is compatible with etk external hexagonal keys.

〉 They are made in medical titanium and they are CE marked.

〉 The fixation in the machine tool thanks to an 8 mm hexagon compatible with a universal mounting or an hexagonal clamp.

〉 The etk universal mounting support of 4 pre-milled abutment bases (Ref. MONT_U.PP) is compatible with all types of 3-5 axis milling machines. Mounted instead of a standard 98.5 mm disc.

〉 Integration into your (open) CAM system required via your software integrator (WorkNC,etc…)

〉 ETK pre-milled abutments are also compatible with the mounting cassette of S3DEL® brand (Mâcon – France) integrated in work-NC.

Digital analogs are manufactured on industrial milling machines to ensure maximum connection accuracy.

〉 They are individually delivered and are CE marked.

〉 Analogs are compatible with major implant brands.

〉 Their external design has been specially adapted to be inserted in the 3D printing models by the intrados of the model.