Key figures

  • 23 years of clinical experience.
  • 98% success rate from across a broad.
  • 5500 practitioners use our implants in France.
  • International distribution: 35 countries, 35% in export sales.
  • More than 100 implantology specialists at your service, nearly 600 employees in the company.

Clinical sens

Coupe histologiqueFounded in 1992 by Dr. Guy Huré, a pioneer in accessible implantology, the company etk took root in an environment that was more clinical in nature than industrial. The alchemy between these two worlds is what truly powered the company, from 2004 to present-day.

But this success arose from the research in scientific validation (often under-appreciated by French dental surgeons) carried out, in part, with the histological laboratory of Angers (France).

The etk process worked off of the clinical constraints and concern around reliability that characterized the brand’s first user and creator. Today still, these values continue to inspire us, and prove ever-relevant in solutions such as iphysio®, All In Bar®… Which led us to create the actis Club for users and developers.

Implants and related services

Implants_services_associesetk a profile like none other: that of a manufacturer joined with France’s leading distributor, enabling the latter to give rise to global integrated solutions that include not only implants, but also other tools, products and services.

To answer clinical needs with a comprehensive solution and coherent process.

〉 To stimulate, support and accompany the development of your implant practice.

〉 To propose singular offers that facilitate access to costly equipment and its integration on the technical level.

Accessibility, simplicity and proximity

accessibilite_simplicite_proximite〉 Financial accessibility to satisfy more patients
Implants that offer the same guarantees as premium brands at a reasonable price.

〉 Simplicity to develop implantology with referring dentists

  • Streamlining of product lines and protocols.
  • Simplification of communication tools (catalogues, manuals, etc.).
  • Creation of tutorials and videos.
  • Organization of workshops and trainings.

〉 Open systems to optimize your therapeutic arsenal
The possibility of using implant solutions from different manufacturers to optimize treatment.

〉 Proximity, availability and guidance
A human-sized company based in France and in several European countries through its subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

  • Research & Development for your suggestions for improvement.
  • Marketing and PR for your personalized tools.
  • Event-planning for your evenings with referring dentists.
  • Administrative & commercial.
  • Training…

Your European partner for quality treatment

etk profits from its location at the heart of the European capital of micro-mechanics and bar turning industry, this makes it easy to find find near-at-hand all the know how necessary for the implant production (skilled labor, important technological knowledge means we can control each step of the production to ensure excellent results).

  • Total mastery of the processes, materials and production conditions (respecting asepsis and the environment).
  • 100% control of the implants and prosthetic parts with means guaranteeing the dimensions with a micron accuracy.
  • Our goal: product excellence and quality of related services.
  • Ongoing improvement of our systems and new products development.


etk strengthens the validation of its systems by reinforcing its relationship with the French and international university sectors through a specially-designed program: the continuum technological program.


  • Getting universities involved in our thought process and in the development and deployment of new solutions.
  • Carrying out studies with independent organizations, according to a rigorous scientific process.
  • Bringing visibility to these studies through publications in scientific reviews with high impact.

Personalized training courses

EvolYou organizes training sessions for dental surgeons, prosthetists and assistants wishing to develop their activity in the field of implantology (launch or improvement) and handle their progressive switch to the digital aera.

The training courses are put together based on modules that cover the most recent and most advanced clinical techniques, as well as related concepts for organizing and managing a practice to best monitor its evolution. They are supported by integration and development tools for the practice.

Training courses take place at the training centre located in Sallanches near Chamonix (France), but also in other areas of France.

An international reach


etk is present in over 40 countries around the world.

  • 27 distributors.
  • 4 subsidiaries in Europe: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain-Portugal and Italy.
  • Direct sales: France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.