Why choose EvolYou?

To optimise teamwork:
technicians - dentist - assistant.

EvolYou believes in teamwork.

Our training courses are focused on technicians as well as dentists and their assistants, with scheduling adapted to encourage the simultaneous training of at least two team members.

The three job profiles are also present within the training team for enriched content, in particular concerning prostheses.

To develop the activity of my practice and/or laboratory practically and progressively through training courses.

For practices: it has become essential to develop activity in particular under our current environment, with new implanting processes, and/or aesthetic repair, integrating digital techniques… Are genuine challenges that are difficult to face alone..

For laboratories: the digital era is firmly established, but sometimes remains inaccessible to smaller organisations.

Training courses for all: Prothetist – Dentist – Assitant

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