A partnership with universities

〉 Improving our treatment capacity means identifying genuine public healthcare needs that clinics and healthcare centres must address on a daily basis, to orient the industry research and development to these needs.

〉 It also means sharing technical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries so that implantology, at the crossroads of biological environments and “mechanical” solutions, can be enriched by the synergies of advances on both sides.

〉 Finally, through the cooperative work of universities and manufacturers, new treatment solutions can be deployed as widely as possible.

〉 To accomplish our public health task, our action must be globally centred on continuum: R&D/training/treatment, and rely on links at every stage of this chain, between the universities and clinics.

Continuum in action

〉 Thesis sponsorship (availability of mechanical testing equipment, hosting of students at our research and development site, communication of technical and commercial data required for studies, etc.).

〉 New equipment proposed and provided for testing and technical solutions.

〉 Faculty days to spotlight university work (retransmission of conferences in universities).

〉 Participation of universities in our international symposium 2016.

〉 Joint organisation of training courses.

〉 Hosting of end of cycle teaching sessions.

〉 Display of posters in a dedicated display areas in the company and at international conferences.