your first digital experience

In partnership with LYRA®, perform 10 clinical cases in the presence and with the support of a trainer!

The initi@l offer provides you with your first digital experience through 10 clinical cases carried out with the support of a LYRA® trainer, performed in your dental surgery with your own patients. These cases could be crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, inlay-cores, customised posts or impant-supported crowns.

The first two cases are carried out in duplicate with your laboratory to enable you to compare the prosthetic result in terms of aesthetics and adjustment. They are free of charge. Subsequent cases are performed solely in accordance with a digital protocol and are invoiced at €99 per element.

Operational method
To start this digital experience, you will receive a file consisting of:
• an information pack on digital practices
• a questionnaire to help us understand your activity and in which you will identify the clinical cases you wish to perform.

On receipt of your completed questionnaire, a LYRA® trainer will contact you to validate the feasibility of the cases and to plan the 3 days at your dental surgery. The LYRA® trainer will spend 3 separate days at your dental surgery to handle the cases identified in advance, providing training for the optical scanning equipment and performing a number of simulations. Your trainer will help you to complete all the cases apart from the final two, which you will perform independently (the trainer will be present but passive). During the course of these cases, performance parameters will be recorded to enable you to monitor your learning curve. Photos may be taken should you so wish.

This truly practical, customised formula enables you to discover the potential of CAD/CAM for your dental surgery and type of practice, and to define better the objectives and method for integrating a digital chain (the various stages, with or without your laboratory, etc.).


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Plan your digital transition
with effective support

In partnership with etk, LYRA® has developed a digital transition programme and support system making it possible to define your own project, sequenced it in specific phases during which LYRA® will provide you with the support of its teams to ensure effective implementation at your dental surgery.


More information on the LYRA® solution

the iphysio® profile designer

etk has developed an innovative and patented system offering a novel approach to implant protocols: the anatomical Profile Designer, iphysio®.

By combining the healing and impression functions, this anatomical element automatically identified by the modelling software enables the patient’s emergence profile to be transferred very simply and accurately to the prosthetist without destroying the mucosa attachment.

Ease of use, patient comfort and the reduced number of implant components enable you to offer your patients an accessible solution.


Discover the Profile Designer iphysio®