Iphysio® Profile Designer

This anatomical form Profile Designer (choice of 9 references) is placed on the implant after the surgery and it makes it possible to heal the soft tissue in the shape of the tooth to be replaced and the impression (standard or optical) to be taken without removing the part. It can be used with most of implant brands due to a wide range of compatible titanium Esthetibase® interfaces.

One single part for healing and the impression:
= No destruction of the mucosal attachment.
= Time saving.


1 – Soft tissue healing according to the anatomy of the tooth to replace.


2 – Taking a standard or digital impression directly on the cap..

〉 9 references / 3 shapes – 3 heights
• To match the anatomy of the tooth to be replaced better and to manage emergence profile of the soft tissue optimally, from the insertion of the implant to the final restoration.


〉 Concave profile
• To encourage development of good soft tissue thikcnes according to the “Platform Switching” concept.


The Profile Designer, Iphysio®, clips on an Esthetibase® titanium interface, which due to a wide choice of compatible connections, adapts to most of the implants from major brands.


Aesthetic prosthetic options on titanium interface

〉 Post + abutment + crown assembly
• Zirconium.
• Lithium disilicate (E.max).

〉 Temporary a prosthesis


〉 Single trans-screwed monolithic assembly
• Lithium disilicate (E.max).
• Nanoceramics (exclusive).
• Feldspathic ceramic.